Sigil Magick Workshop - Sunday 27th Jan 2019
Sigil Magick Workshop – Sunday 27th Jan 2019
February 4, 2018
Doll Magick Workshop Date Sunday 20th Jan 2019
Chicken Foot Protection Charm Workshop Date TBA
July 9, 2018
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Doll Magick Workshop Date Sunday 20th Jan 2019


Health • Love • Prosperity • Protection

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Dolls have been used in magick from its inception. The doll (also known as a poppet, fith fath, voodoo doll, doll baby…), is a versatile tool designed to focus energies. It can be used to heal and harm, draw good fortune and protect from malefic forces.

We will learn why and how the Doll, works, and we will make our own, and birth them, for healing and good fortune. Everything for the dolls will be provided.

Date: Sunday 20th Jan 2019
Time: 1pm to 4pm (3hrs)
Where: Private Residence in Como, WA. Address available on purchase.

Cost: $60

For more information please email Leanne (Lady Amaris)

About Amaris: Amaris has been working magick for many years, since the late eighties as a solitary witch and then initiated into a coven in the late nineties. For the past nineteen years she has been the leader or High Priestess of her own coven, (The Circle of Heka) running classes, workshops and making magick.


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