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Manifest with Magick 5 Week Course – Online Course Available Soon)
July 9, 2018
Spiritual Protection Online Class (Available Soon)
Spiritual Protection Online Class (Available Soon)
June 17, 2019
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House Blessing Online Class (Available Soon)


Learning to clear your space and then keep it clear, while bringing in higher vibrations of love, happiness and prosperity, is the bases of any spiritual path.

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Our homes and workplaces are often areas where energies accumulate and become stagnate. Stagnate energy can then effect our lives adversely, at times manifesting as fatigue, lack of motivation, health and relationship problems.

In this workshop you will learn to:

• Identify the energies within your home or workplace
• How to spiritually cleanse your home and workplace i.e. work area
• How to seal your home / work space from adverse energies
• How to cultivate, prosperity, happiness and love within the space
• Make your own house protection amulet, with instructions on how to use it.

You will receive video lessons and class notes.

About Amaris: Amaris has been working magick for many years, since the late eighties as a solitary witch and then initiated into a coven in the late nineties. For the past nineteen years she has been the leader or High Priestess of her own coven, (The Circle of Heka) running classes, workshops and making magick.