Witchcraft and Wine - Witches Ladder - Friday 6th September 2019
House Blessing Online Class (Available Soon)
July 9, 2018
Witchcraft and Wine - Witches Ladder - Friday 6th September 2019
Hex Education – Part 1 – Introduction to Witchcraft 6 Week Course. Starts 10th February 2021
February 20, 2020
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Spiritual Protection Online Class (Available Soon)


Learning to protect your energy and cleanse yourself, is the bases of any spiritual path.

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The world is an amazing place filled with energy, some of it is aligned with our dreams and goals, making us feel inspired and energised. And some energy is not, making us feel drained, confused and on edge. In this workshop we will explore the meaning of spiritual sovereignty, and how it is important in todays society. We will learn a number of simple techniques to clear and strengthen our energy field, empower our psychic boundaries and build spiritual confidence.

During this class you will learn how to:

Clear subtle energies from around your personal space
Develop and build psychic boundaries for energetic protection
Reconnect with the sacred within and strengthen your psychic immunity
Connect with and build a relationship with protective and healing allies
Craft a personal protection amulet

You will receive video lessons and class notes.

About Amaris: Amaris has been working magick for many years, since the late eighties as a solitary witch and then initiated into a coven in the late nineties. For the past nineteen years she has been the leader or High Priestess of her own coven, (The Circle of Heka) running classes, workshops and making magick.